martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008


Everything it wants, everything it gets
that's the saying that rules its life
stepping into everything and everybody
to only fulfill its goal.

It stands in front of you sporting a big smile,
a smile capable of light any dark surrounding
a smile that can enchant you at the very first sight
but behind this lovable feature, hides an evil grin as dark as its heart.

There's no mercy in its vocabulary
not because it doesn't know its meaning
but because it's unable to forgive and forget.

Tearing up the hearts of the poor souls that fell into their schemes
is the best that the Two-Faced does, getting from them all that it needs
and later throwing them away as if they were the scum of the Earth.

There's no resentment in these lines
that are written only in fiction,
but the existence of the Two-Faced
can be noticed every certain time,
in the hearts of those who have forgotten
that in life, everything spins arounds
and the evil that men do, the evil they will get.

Trust no one, don't give away your feelings
or the Two-Faced will appear in front of you at the very first second
and squeeze you until the very last drop of soul from you.

Beware of it, 'cause life's confusing when you grow up
but more fucked up when you fall in love of the wrong one.

There's always a light at the end of a tunnel,
either a light of disgrace or a light of hope,
according the path you choose
try not to regret when you reach finally reach it.

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