sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2007

You and Me

I wake up every morning, touching the other side of my bed and suddenly realizing that for one more night, there's nobody there. I look at the mirror every morning after waking up, stearing at my reflection for a long time, thinking, talking to myself, I just can't stop doing this.

My head is stufffed with these thoughts and mementos of a person who always appears in my dreams. I prepare myself for the day: catching the bus, going to classes, faking a smile to others, tell jokes, sitting and listening all kind of nonsense from some people, drinking something (better if its alcohol), looking at the sky trying to remember who's that person inside of me, who's that one who wants to come into my bittersweet life...

I return home and I see my family, but for an strange reason, I don't feel like home. That's weird, isn't it? Well, I'll discover the why later or someday maybe. That moment of my routine is the most painful because for an strange reason, I can't stop thinking about that woman who is always in my thoughts, that woman who appears in front of me with every beat of my heart, that woman who smiles to me when the moon appears in the middle of the dark sky at the middle of the night, that woman whose voice penetrates beneath my skin, that woman who's looking for a place where to stay and help me overcome every issue of my deadly kind of life.

I can't help falling in love of her. It's something that also I can't explain with words... just feel it because, I've realized that she became an essencial part of me and I found my life empty if she isn't on it. Everything reminds me of her beauty, I have her sweet whispers engraved in my heart. I haven't felt like this ever in my life, she became my everything and my everywhere.

I thank to the moon for putting me in her life, I want to protect her from everything, take her to the limits of the universe and kiss her at every second I spent at her side. This is my will : I compromise to be her guard from the depths of the darkness and be her knight from the abyss of silence. I'll be right at her side everytime, waiting quietly and hoping that one day she'll come close to me, and suddenly, lay her head on my shoulder, hug her, and give her a nice smile... a smile from the bottom of my heart.

I'm not going to tell her "I love you" because that will sound like a common thing. I didn't find a better way to express it like the one I'm doing and writing right now. Everything is going to be fine, cutie, you and me will overcome everything that may appear in our way. We can do everything if we are together.

Alone, each one of us light brightly...
Together, We light like a full moon... on a dark day.

Will you be my valentine?

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