lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

You may dream...

Life's confusing when you grow up,
but when you found that strength that keep you going
you open wide your eyes and
start seeing things with a different perspective.

At last, I accomplished on forgetting my past
I never want to make the same mistake again
and I deserve to be happy the way it is supposed to be.

No more whinning and no more crying for that someone
that only gave me tears instead of laughs
and pain instead of happiness.

I want to embrace life once for all
and meet that special someone that everybody
talks me about but I haven't met yet.

If you're reading this, special someone
let me tell you that I'm available and waiting for you
at any time, so just meet me wherever you want it.
You know where am I.

I promise you thath I'll be there waiting
days and nights in the same spot,
longing to finally meet you and see you smile,
that smile that will soothe the pain of being me.

This is my final statement, this is my breakpoint
I've realized that I given too much to some people
that really didn't deserve it at all.

I put all my effort on making these people happy
and I haven't received anything from them,
so that's why I'm taking this decision to grow apart from them
and start focusing on me, on us.

It will be hard to do it but I finally found
what I was looking for to accomplish this difficult task...

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